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Episode 12, Dr. Anthony Greene, The Importance of Black History Month

Episode 11, Justina Lasley-Minifie, How to Interpret Your Dreams

In this episode, Resident Justina Lasley-Minifie talks about her company, the Institute for Dream Studies, and shows the audience how to interpret your own dreams.

BG Chats Episode 10 – Dr. Megan Baker – Breast Cancer Awareness

In this episode of BG Chats, Breast Cancer Expert Dr. Megan Baker from Roper St. Francis talks about the right time to test for Breast Cancer, signs to look for, and more.

BG Chats Episode 9 – Nathan Calhoun – Shark Week

In this episode of BG Chats, Wellness Manager Nathan Calhoun talks about his love for sharks and his deep dives that bring him up close and personal with different breeds of sharks.

BG Chats Episode 8 – Antonia and Jordyne Hall – Culinary Love

In this episode of BG Chats, Culinary Team Members Jordyne and Antonia Hall talk about their journeys to Bishop Gadsden, their daughter and their amazing Italian wedding.

Episode 9, Lucy Royall, What is a Care Navigator?

In this episode, Guest Host and Bishop Gadsden VP of Community Life and Compliance Katie Jayne talks to Care Navigator Lucy Royall who talks about what her position means and how it benefits the senior living community at Bishop Gadsden.

Episode 8, Ray Ford and Charlie Campbell, Life At BG

In this episode, Bill talks to Ray Ford and Charlie Campbell who are two of the longest tenured team members at Bishop Gadsden! They each spent some time acknowledging their many years and memories together at BG!

BG Chats Episode 8 – Megan McCoy – All About Family

In this episode of BG Chats, Lead Floor Tech Megan McCoy talks about her love for her personal and work family, her role at Bishop Gadsden, and how she feels about empowering young women.

BG Chats Episode 7 – Jonna Cook and Evan Roberts – Goals For Gadsden Glen

In this episode of BG Chats, VP of Health Services Jonna Cook and Director of Clinical Excellence Evan Roberts talk about the opening of Gadsden Glen Center for Health & Rehab and their goals for the Glen and themselves in 2023.