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Weekly Surprises at BG

Written by . Posted in Announcements, COVID-19

We understand how some people are bored during these days of quarantine. Here at Bishop Gadsden, we made it our mission to keep things fun and exciting. A few weeks ago, the Bishop Gadsden Team decided a weekly, socially distanced happy hour on your balcony was the way to go, but with a little bit of a twist. The idea grew into presenting the residents with a new surprise each week, and now 4 p.m. on Wednesdays is marked on everyone’s calendars.

Keeping you guessing

As we eased into weekly surprises, the first gift to residents was a “serenade” from team members, encouraging residents to sing along with classic hits. The next surprise involved a delicious sandwich for dinner from one of our favorite James Island establishments. We knew then that the expectations were high, but we had to keep everyone guessing.

For the third quarantine surprise, we made sure it was something they really needed: Toilet paper. Team members were out and about reminding residents to “just roll with it” during these crazy times, as they delivered a roll of toilet paper to their doors. Our most recent surprise aimed to help maintain positive spirits. Team members individual bottles of champagne, beer, or wine, resident’s choice, with no shortage of celebration and fanfare to go along with it.

Keeping positive during quarantine

Throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, each week can bring about new uncertainties or worries for all of us. These surprises allow team members to step out of their regular duties and see residents.  While it allows residents to have a special treat to look forward to and a moment to chat with team members as they deliver the goodies.

There have been many suggestions and questions about what surprise could be next. What treat do you think is coming to your doorstep this week? Here is a hint, it is an international AND local treat!

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