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Staying connected, virtually!

Written by . Posted in Announcements, COVID-19

**Please note: Photos were taken prior to mask requirement.

Since the pandemic began, the world has been turned upside down when it comes to social interaction. School, work, and social gatherings have become virtual meet-ups causing individuals to pivot how they approach conquering daily tasks. As activities waned and DHEC mandated a no visitor policy for senior living health care facilities, Bishop Gadsden moved quickly to find our virtual alternative for communicating.

connected virtualAs quickly as things changed with the pandemic, we just as quickly adapted to our new circumstances of communicating. Residents who are new to modern-day technology are using iPads and FaceTime on a daily basis. With the help of our creative and talented activities team, FaceTime calls quickly became a regular “activity” in residents’ apartments every day.

Staying Connected with Family

Many of our residents’ families live all over the country and the world. When their visits to Charleston had to be postponed, they turned to technology to keep connected. Residents were meeting great-grandkids for the first time, and making memories with family members that they will share for years to come.

In addition to those family members who live all over the world, many family members live locally in the Charleston area. Together, we had to adapt to utilizing technology to stay connected and up to date. We’ve celebrated many birthdays over FaceTime and ZOOM that would normally be celebrated in person, but our incredible team members step up every time to create a virtual party and keep the festivities going.

Staying Connected with the Community

Residents have been able to become more tech savvy with our activities moving online. This includes exercise classes, lectures, and virtual tours of local and national museums and attractions. Residents continue to tune in daily to hear messages from President/CEO Sarah Tipton along with other directors to keep up with pandemic updates and any news for the Community.

This week, our Leadership Team will be holding a virtual Town Hall for all Apartment and Cottage residents. This will have residents who participate to be a part of a virtual meeting and utilize the chat feature to ask questions to be addressed in the virtual meeting. This is just another example of how we are all challenging ourselves to keep moving forward during the pandemic.

connected virtualOverall, the pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, including our Community. Our residents, and team members, are learning new things, becoming comfortable with new technology, and finding new ways to enjoy each other’s company and socialize. We pray for the day that we can safely socialize and enjoy our friends and families in a more normal, face-to-face setting, but for now, we can celebrate the technology, tools, and knowledge that are helping us get through these difficult times.

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