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Why I am Moving to Bishop Gadsden in 2057

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I know 2057 is 40 years away, but give me a break! While I may only be 23 years old, I like to plan for the future. My name is Lauren Seaton, and I am an intern for the summer here at Bishop Gadsden. I attend the University of Kentucky, where I am getting my Master of Health Administration. (Sorry Duke and North Carolina basketball fans out there!  I promise I am not an obnoxious fan. Except maybe on game day.) When I learned I had to complete a 400-hour internship; I had two things in mind: Charleston and a retirement community. Through my good friend Google, I came upon Bishop Gadsden and knew I had found the “one.”

I began my time at Bishop Gadsden in mid-May. Now, at the halfway point of my time here, I have come to some conclusions about the place you call home. First, Bishop Gadsden is a retired person’s dream come true. Secondly, I need to get on that waiting list. With that being said, here are the top reasons I am moving to Bishop Gadsden in 2057.

During the first year of college, many are worried about gaining the “Freshman 15.” For the first time, you have free reign over the food you eat with no parents trying to stop you. As soon as I saw the Market Place Café at Bishop Gadsden, I knew I was at risk for the “BG 15.” The immaculate dining facilities are filled with some of the best food in Charleston. Whether you are in the mood for a slice of pizza or a formal sit down meal, BG has you covered. And the desserts? Wow! I try to limit myself to a couple of chocolate chip cookies each week, but that is no easy feat. The food is endless, and I have an inkling my future 63-year-old self will be in heaven!

How am I going to combat the “BG 15?” Head on down to the wellness center, of course. A couple of weeks ago, I joined in on the fitness excursion to James Island County Park. BG Wellness Trainer Ashley led us on our walk which incorporated different exercises along the way. The workout proved to be effective as I woke up the next morning with quite a bit of soreness. Between the excursions and the state of the art equipment in the wellness center, I will be able to fight the “BG 15” and keep my body feeling young.

In addition to the wellness center, Bishop Gadsden is filled with all the best amenities. A spa, pool, walking trails, art gallery, and pub; how could you ask for more? I know the masterminds behind Bishop Gadsden are already looking for ways to make the amenities even more exciting. Additionally, there is always something to do whether you like to play cards, listen to music, or dance. I think I will have plenty to keep me busy when I move in.

Beyond the great “stuff” at Bishop Gadsden, the most important thing to me is the people. Over the past five weeks, I have found BG to be an exemplary model of how all communities should be. Many times I have heard about the “BG way.” To me, the “BG way” is what makes Bishop Gadsden a special place, and it all starts with the people who live and work there. The “BG way” is the two residents waiting for breakfast outside the Frederick Dining Room who say, “Good Morning, Lauren” every day. The “BG way” is flowers being set out after the passing of a resident. The “BG way” is recognizing a fellow employee who has gone above and beyond by sending praises through an email forwarded to all employees. The “BG way” is building a relationship with the neighborhood next to campus. The “BG way” is residents assisting employees in their futures through scholarships. The “BG way” is allowing an intern from the University of Kentucky feel like a part of the team.

The community at Bishop Gadsden is a special one. The food and amenities make it stand out, but it is the people inside who make Bishop Gadsden the gold standard for community living. I cannot wait to see the growth and development of Bishop Gadsden through the years and see what things are waiting for me in 2057!

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