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History of the Gadsden GAB

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One aspect that residents always look forward to is the monthly publishing of the Gadsden GAB. The Gadsden GAB is Bishop Gadsden’s internal newsletter that is written and curated by Bishop Gadsden residents and employee team members. The Gadsden GAB began publishing in 1987, two years after Bishop Gadsden was established on James Island. Typed out on a typewriter, the first issue was four pages long, but has grown considerably since its introduction.

The Start

The Gadsden GAB was created by former President/CEO Bill Trawick and then Administrative Assistant Carole Moore, who later became Marketing Director and is now a resident of Bishop Gadsden. Bill and Carole would screen the Gadsden GAB and help with the layout when needed. The publication was created to give residents and team members a way to share news and happenings in the Community, as well as provide residents an opportunity to share their talents.

The Process

The process of creating each month’s “GAB” is managed by the Bishop Gadsden GAB Committee. This team consists of a resident editor, resident writers who supply articles monthly, and the Office of Charitable Giving and Communications who act as managing editors. The Office of Charitable Giving and Communications also designs and prints the GAB each month.

Many Bishop Gadsden residents have writing backgrounds, such as journalism experience or English degrees. Others are simply subject matter experts in different industries, like the medical field for example; and some just have a passion for writing. Each month, the GAB also welcomes stories or articles from residents who are not on the committee, but have stories to tell or knowledge in interesting topics that they would like to share.

It’s Tradition!

Since 1987, our residents have reported on the many changes here at Bishop Gadsden, the several expansions, the ins and outs of the different departments, and so much more. The Gadsden GAB has served as a messenger for many different topics, and has provided education on such topics for much of the Community over the past 33 years.

The GAB is a staple piece of Bishop Gadsden history, and something our residents and team members look forward to reading each month. We can’t wait to see how this publication continues to evolve in the future!

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