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Halloween at Bishop Gadsden

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Halloween is a fun time of year for people of all ages, especially here at Bishop Gadsden. Our annual Trick-or-Treat event is an outing that involves creativity, planning, and of course, fun. On October 29, our trick-or-treaters stopped in the Read Cloister and took a golf cart tour around to the apartments and cottages to see what treats, or tricks, residents have up their sleeves.

The first stop of the night is Read Cloister Skilled Nursing. Residents from Myers Hall Assisted Living, Arcadia Close Memory Care and Read Cloister all gathered to meet and greet kids from Grace Church and children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of residents at Bishop Gadsden. Residents were ready with candy, costumes and decked out decorations to get the full effect of the “spooky season.”

Each “neighborhood” of the apartments and cottages had tables set up with assorted goodies and some tricks to keep the Halloween spirit alive. Kids aged from barely a year old to middle school-aged and everyone enjoyed the festivities all together.

Trick-or-treating involved fun for both the residents and the greater Charleston community, but residents had their own Halloween fun on the night of October 31. To continue the festivities, residents arrived at happy hour dressed to the nines in their spookiest get-up. Happy hour consisted of a Halloween party and costume contest, and the residents did not disappoint. Residents took creative liberty with their costumes. We had the classic Popeye and Olive Oil, and we even had a few puns such as “Black Eyed Peas.”

Just as any event here at Bishop Gadsden, both the residents and the Community do not disappoint. Everyone showed their excitement to be involved, and that energy spread like wildfire. Now, time for the public to vote, what was your favorite costume at Bishop Gadsden this year?

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