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Eliza’s Attic Thrift Boutique: Bishop Gadsden’s Treasure

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Eliza’s Attic is a staple here at Bishop Gadsden. Treasured by residents, employees and the community, each trip to Eliza’s Attic is unique in its own way. “The Attic,” as it is known around Bishop Gadsden, was first established in 2000, as an off-property thrift shop where residents donated belongings that no longer fit. Eliza’s Attic, named for Bishop Christopher Gadsden’s wife, became a resource and a fun place to shop for residents and the community alike.  

When Eliza’s Attic moved back on Bishop Gadsden property, business soared higher than before. Open three days a week, the Attic is busy every day during its limited hours. Eliza’s Attic is ran and maintained by a fleet of resident volunteers and a wonderfully devoted manager. Each day, donations are made at all hours, and sometimes even appear overnight. Since we know downsizing can be a bit of pain, so many treasured goods are often found in the Attic each day. Donations range from furniture and home décor to kitchenware to clothes and jewelry.

What treasures have been found?

Eliza’s Attic manager, Cook, showing some neat finds to customers.

This week’s most incredible piece is a cast bronze on marble sculpture, a rare piece of art donated by a resident. “I was awestruck,” said Cook, Manager of Eliza’s Attic, “It’s one of the most incredible pieces I’ve seen.” This is just an example of the amazing treasures that can be found in the Attic. One can never guess what will come through the doors on any given day.

Since it’s beginning, Eliza’s Attic has quickly become a necessary stop for residents and employees each week. Now, Thursdays have become “Attic Day” for employees, where they take their lunch break to browse what is new this week and even find some treasures of their own to take home. Residents, employees and anyone else in the Charleston community can pop in to check out the treasure trove that sits in the heart of James Island. To check for their hours of business, go to the Eliza’s Attic Facebook page. 

In the name of Charitable Giving

The best part is that all of the proceeds go back to the Bishop Gadsden Community and its residents. Each year, Eliza’s Attic continues to exceed its sales from the previous record year of sales, which increases the amount that goes back into the Bishop Gadsden Community each year. Being able to provide the best life for our residents is top priority, and we believe Eliza’s Attic helps provide just that. Come in sometime, say hello and take a quick look around. You never know what you might find!

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