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5 Things You’ll Love about BG | BG Blog

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My name is Harrison Huntley, and I just started at Bishop Gadsden as the new communications specialist (and author of the BG Blog). As a new team member, just a few weeks into my time at Bishop Gadsden, I feel like every day I’m discovering one more amazing piece of BG. It’s truly a special place for both residents, and team members like myself.

At Bishop Gadsden, we like to say that our residents “Live an Extraordinary Life.” But for someone like me who is new to BG, it can be hard to narrow down all the extraordinary elements of BG living. We asked our residents to help us out and tell us the most extraordinary things about life at BG. Here’s what they said:

1. Team Members

The most persistent theme throughout our resident responses was satisfaction with BG’s team members. Several residents sang the praises of BG team members, including Peter Read who said “Without a doubt, I believe the excellent team members are what makes BG Extraordinary and a great place to live.” Fellow resident Annie Barry Bonk agreed, adding “People are the key to extraordinary.”

2. Fellow Residents

BG residents appreciate meeting and forming friendships with other BG residents. Kenneth Dowd said that the fellow residents “are very friendly and engaging and have diverse backgrounds, contributing where useful.”

David Wallace especially enjoys the weekly trivia competition because “your team of ten of the most intelligent people you know of, goes up against seven or eight other similar teams. You know you are going up against the greatest minds at Bishop Gadsden. They are nothing short of brilliant and the competition sizzles!”

3. Beautiful Campus

Located on over 100 acres of lush landscape, we at Bishop Gadsden are proud of our beautiful campus. Resident Barbara Burbello credits BG’s environmental services team with making the campus look extraordinary. “It has to be the employees” she said. “Just look how beautiful and clean and fresh BG appears. I feel lucky to be here.”

4. Staff/Resident Relationship

Residents also enjoy a good relationship with BG team members. Eleanor Mulbry said that the team members and residents “treat each other with respect and kindness. This is not true in many communities – I value that we start meetings with prayer! I think the two are part of the whole!”

5. Management

Bishop Gadsden’s leadership strives to make themselves known and accessible to the residents. That’s something that Joby Meade certainly feels is true. “The management team makes each and every one feel special,” Meade said. Scott Wallinger went one step further, saying “It begins at the top with (President & CEO) Sarah (Tipton) and runs throughout the entire organization – a commitment to excellence, to openness, to inclusion of everyone – residents and staff – who live or work at BG.”

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