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Team Member Benefits at Bishop Gadsden: What it means to BeBG

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There are many advantages to becoming a team member at Bishop Gadsden, but one aspect that stands out is the comprehensive benefits program offered to full and part-time team members. Not only do team members have appreciation celebrations – either in-person or virtually, complimentary meal opportunities, and the occasional tasty treat, they also have the opportunity for competitive health insurance and retirement saving benefits, plus access to impressive human resources software to create a seamless experience.

Our Tools

One of the aspects a new hire may not think about when joining a new organization is the software and its platforms that are in place to assist the process. At the beginning of the hiring process, Bishop Gadsden utilizes JobAlign to spread the word about open positions. Not only does JobAlign automatically post to all major job boards, it also connects with industry-specific job boards to serve the right audience to attract qualified individuals interested in working with Bishop Gadsden.

In 2021, Bishop Gadsden Human Resources will bring in two new platforms to help us with the necessary data to create a positive work experience for a new hire at Bishop Gadsden and assist with creating a seamless onboarding experience.

The platform PayScale provides Bishop Gadsden with data to determine the best possible salary for the position someone is applying for. This allows Bishop Gadsden to have competitive wages compared to similar positions in the area. This is an exciting addition to our Human Resources department and will allow Bishop Gadsden to serve potential new hires to the best of our ability.

BambooHR is the second new addition to our benefits program and serves as a streamlined-process for onboarding, making new-hire paperwork and training a breeze. This platform is equipped with an app for team members to download and have Human Resources documents, information, policies, etc. right on hand. This helps ease the process of onboarding and getting our team members comfortable in their departments as quickly as possible, while also ensuring continued communication as a current team member.

Our Benefits

These platforms assist Bishop Gadsden in many ways, but ultimately, it’s the benefits program for Bishop Gadsden Team Members that truly make a difference. Bishop Gadsden is proud to offer a comprehensive health insurance package, including a flexible spending account for full-time team members, but also dental and vision insurance for part-time team members. Bishop Gadsden wants to make sure our team members, and their families, are healthy and taken care of.

In addition to comprehensive health insurance, Bishop Gadsden offers much more beyond that. Team members have the opportunity to utilize Bishop Gadsden’s Employee Assistance Program, scholarship opportunities for current education and past student debt, an end-of-year bonus, and monthly safety cash giveaways, awards and scholarship programs for nursing, wellness facilities, and café discounts. This list barely scratches the surface for what working with Bishop Gadsden looks like. The benefits and the overall difference of being a Bishop Gadsden Team Member goes beyond the list of benefits.

Through these benefits, Bishop Gadsden continues to abide by our mission to affirm positive living for all who live and work here. It is our mission to be wise stewards to our residents, Community, family members, and fellow team members. Join our team to learn the true benefits of being a part of Bishop Gadsden:


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